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About Us

Institute of ESG & Benchmark is a non-profit organization established in February 2020 founded by Mr. Paul Pong and Mr. Wilson Kwok, which endeavors to elevate stakeholders’ awareness and knowledge towards Environmental, Social and Governance in all industry sectors. We provide ESG training, organise events, and act as an advisory role to uphold ESG standard within Hong Kong. We believe that ESG is a seminal aspect of an organisation’s culture, sustainability and innovation. Our goal is to lead and strengthen ESG development in Hong Kong and Asia.

About Us: Who We Are

Mission & Vision

Sustainable Energy


  • Accelerate ESG development and raise awareness among enterprises, startups, and individuals

  • Establish and uphold the leading ESG standard

  • Develop ESG Ecosystem for all industry

  • Act as an Advisor of ESG standard


  • Foster an impactful community as the largest ESG non-profit organization in Asia

  • Expand and continue to grow regionally within Asia to ensure that ESG practices are the regional industry standard

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About Us: Programs

What We Do

Making A Difference

Find out more by contacting us.

About Us: What We Do

Committee Group

Form committee groups focus on various ESG areas, to act as advisory role to the development of the Institute.

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