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Dr Llewellyn Tang

Associate Professor in Building Information Modelling, University of Hong Kong

Ir Dr Llewellyn Tang is the Founder and CEO of Llewellyn and Partners Co Ltd (LPC, 1st BSI Kitemark for BIM Software (ISO19650)), an Associate Professor of BIM at HKU and a Visting Fellow of the Cambridge University. As an international BIM R&D innovation and information management advocator, educator, and innovator for construction new normal. In the last decade, Tang and his team led and involved in many large-scale BIM and information management R&D projects in the UK, China and Hong Kong. It includes introducing the UK BIM level 2 (PAS1192/ISO 19650) into China with integration of BIM, GIS, IoT and Blockchain technologies for ecosystem reshaping. With the experience and knowledge, Tang is one of the advocates of BIM in the bringing the West and East together East Asia to drive the digitalisation and smart city in Hong Kong since 2019.

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